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Have you always wanted to scuba dive but didn't have the time? SNUBA is the answer.  After an orientation by one of our SNUBA instructors, you can experience breathing underwater just like a diver. SNUBA divers need no prior experience and only have to be 8+yrs old. You won't need to purchase any gear, spend any vacation time studying, or have to carry heavy scuba tanks. 










All of our 4 hour SNUBA trips visit 2 beautiful reef locations. You have the choice of participating in SNUBA at both locations or snorkel one and SNUBA the other.  At dive isla bella, you won't be lost in the crowd as we exceed SNUBA standards by keeping our participant to SNUBA instructor ratios to no more than 4 participants to each Instructor. 

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If you arent able to book online

Please, call as we OFTEN have room.

SNUBA participants must complete a health questionaire and we always suggest booking in advance as we have limited seating & instructors. We also suggest booking your SNUBA adventure early in your vacation stay to allow for wiggle room if the tropical breezes decide to delay our departures.  SNUBA is a great way to go beyond Snorkeling. So bring your bathing suits and your smiles and let us introduce you to the world of breathing underwater with the 1200+ species of life here in the Florida Keys.

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