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If you arent able to book online

Please, call as we OFTEN have room.

Your learning experience breathing underwater is the foundation for a lifetime of great ocean adventures.  We take that very seriously at  d i v e  i s l a  b e l l a.   We want you to be addicted to not only our paradise, but the joy of breathing underwater. Classes are booked around your vacation schedule. Materials for classes will be made avaiable to you prior to your arrival so not to impose on your vacation free time. 

We don't have a preference on agencies. Our goal is to provide the most thorough learning experience. We teach NAUI, PADI, SSI and accept all Universal referrals.  If you need help choosing what fits best for you and your loved ones, please reach out to us for assistance. Below you will find sample schedules for a variety of courses from your first breath and even to enhance the most experienced divers.  If you don't see the course you are looking for please, ask us as we teach almost everything... except for Ice diving. 

One Day Resort/Refresher 


No Certification Needed or tune up your Skills

Ages 10yr+

1/2 Day Pool (4 hours)

1/2 Day Boat (2 reef dives)

Very Small Guided Groups

Three Day

Open Water Course

Ages 10 yrs +

Day 1

Pool   8am - 5pm (lunch break)

Day 2

Pool    8am - 12pm  Boat 1pm-5pm

Day 3

Boat 8am-12pm /Lecture 1pm - 5pm

Two Half Days

Open Water Check Out Dives


Ages 10yr+

Start your course at home and bring your referral paperwork for us to complete your open water dives in our beautiful tropical waters.

Two Half Days

 Hunting Cetification

Ages 15yr+

Bring home dinner.

Learn the most conservative method to take fish/lobsters out of the ocean. 

Two Half Day Boat Trips.

Private classes only

Two and a Half Day

Rescue Certification

Advanced/CPR required

The next level in your diving career, or simply to increase your dive safety comes from completing Rescue. 

Pool/Confined Water/Open

Water/Lecture - Exam

Three Half Days

Advanced Class

Open Water Cert. Needed

5 -6 Scuba Dives (per agency)

Trip 1

Scuba Tune Up/ Navigation

Trip 2

Deep/ Elective

Trip 3

Elective/ Night

Call today to start your course/s. We have some classes  that you can even

test drive online before you commit


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